Walking through the adolescence.

You feel something’s changed when people who said ‘you need to do this’ start saying ‘it’s your call, you decide.’ You suddenly feel that you have been conferred upon with the irrevocable power of making your decisions. You can now turn the wheel of your ship in the direction of your will. But it’s not […]

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Seconds and Moments. 

Do you know why two different words, seconds and moments exist when only one could have been sufficient?  Because seconds are the grains of sand which slip from our hand. But moments are the grains of sand which we wanted to hold in our hand for the rest of our life. 

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Who am I?

I am beautiful but painful. I can be observed in an atom and in a massive star too.  My consequences can be very minute or humongous both. I was never born and I will never die.  I am the only thing that has a permanent existence.  I am The Change.  _Zink  

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Lotus blooms over Cycle.

Uttarpradesh being the most populous state of India, has always been crucial in the political scenario. But this time The Game of Seats got even more enthralling as two of the promienent parties, SP & Congress had joined their hands to take on the Saffron camp. After doing the publicty stunt of break-make incidents, the […]

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